No Need to React

Jennifer Hepton
3 min readMay 25, 2022

…. to everything!

I react to everything.

I react to the rain falling.

I react to the dishes in the sink.

I react to the toys on the floor.

I react to having to make dinner.

I react to my husband’s wet towel on the bed.

I react to everything


for forever I thought this was normal and it’s not.

Why do I react to everything? Why do you react to everything? One reason is because that behavior has been modeled for us as a child and now it’s in our subconscious and our identity so it’s hard to release and let go.

I find when I am tired, overwhelmed and low on self care … I react.

I react to the driver in front of me driving at the speed limit.

I react to my toddler yelling at me for food.

I react to my dog barking to go outside.

I react because that is what I was conditioned to do and this is what someone does when they are in trauma and when they are in survival mode and this is what you do when it’s all that you know.

I don’t want to react to everything.

I don’t want to pass this modeling and pattern to my children and I am exhausted of reacting to only want to numb, hide or flee every time I am tired. This is not the life I want to live nor model to my children.

If this resonates, you are not alone and it’s not your fault.

We were parented by parents who saw their world through unhealed trauma and unconsciously passed that down to us. We were unaware of this till now and in this awareness things will change. We are able to slow down our reactions, we are able to see our conditioning and we are able to choose differently.

As a conscious parenting coach, I know and share with my clients that we have to return to our inner parent and healer to remind ourselves that we don’t have to react and if we do we have compassion for ourselves because it’s our conditioning.

If you find yourself reacting to everything:

  1. Pause. Just Stop.
  2. Ask yourself why am I reacting to this?
  3. What story are am I attaching to this reaction?
  4. Is this my story? Is this my parents’ story?
  5. Choose. Choose to parent yourself with love to a choice that creates abundance and is your truth.

This takes time but in the practice is how we move from conditioning to consciousness [aka awareness].

When you begin to create awareness, you start to break the cycle, the pattern so that your children and future generations know that they don’t have to react to everything and find more ease in their lives.

Jenn Hepton
Jenn is the founder and creator of A Conscious Motherhood™. She is a conscious parenting and life coach who guides women in their motherhood journey from a place of anxiety, conditioning and overwhelm to emotional ease, consciousness and mindfulness. She is also an advocate for pregnancy loss awareness and is a grief educator. She currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, son [ via surrogate ] and her two beagles.



Jennifer Hepton

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