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3 min readJul 6, 2021



You know that point in your healing journey where everything is too much, where you can’t seem to get anything done and you FREEZE and HIDE ?

Well that was me in a BIG WAY.

I was lost and so I hide [ my survival mode ]

I think that has been my journey my entire life [ till now ]

I found a journal today with the same narrative, challenges and desires and I thought FUCK ME JENN! MOVE ON! [ *self judgement ]

Seriously. I’m still dreaming of all these things. Honestly, have a word with yourself. [ *self judgement again ]

I took a DEEP BREATH at that point and I realized that I am and have been stuck in an intergenerational pattern where WOMEN are stuck in wanting MORE and can’t seem to get their shit together because they are scared or looking for someone to rescue them — thanks to patriarchy and fuck you.

I gave myself a massive hug, loads of self compassion and forgiveness.

This is my declaration and promise to myself to change — get out and do the BIG things, say BIG things and take up BIG room. That room that I have always wanted to take as a child but told that it was stupid — I was stupid and thus I stopped because I wasn’t validated. Well, I don’t need anyone else to validate that for me — I just need me.

Motherhood shines a bright light on our hidden soul and our children remind us of what we have buried deep inside us and it can shake us to our core. This is the shake we need to HEAL, reparent, shed and return HOME to our soul and to ourselves.

When our children shine, feel and show us freedom we get scared and we can feel threatened — so we control and attach BUT what if we saw this as an opportunity to reparent, heal and be that whole person again?

I know it feels scary but our children NEED us to desperately heal our wounds, break cycles and attune our needs so that we can connect, hold space and BE with them as their authentic self.

Since I have been able to see, create awareness, shed and return to my deepest self I have released the shame, the lack and the pleasing for external validation.

It’s a journey that continues and it’s a journey my son needs me to be on so that he can be the FORCE that he is meant to be without me destroying his soul as my parents did with me.

I will be sharing more here about this healing journey to support you in your awareness and your journey in breaking generational cycles, healing inner child wounds and moving into conscious parenting as a woman who knows what she wants, who is is and what life is meant to provide for her.

see you again VERY SOON because I am back,

jenn x 💋

Certified conscious parenting coach \ NLP Practitioner \ Grief Educator \ Pregnancy Loss Awareness Advocate [ and more ]

watch out for my community experience to help you reconnect back to your inner self and healer to find your identity as a mother and woman who wants more and desires more.



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