Healing Generational Trauma

Jennifer Hepton
2 min readMay 26, 2022

I want to take this moment to share some thoughts around generational patterns and trauma with conscious parenting.

First, have you heard the term generational trauma? I hadn’t till I became a parent and a conscious parenting coach.

Here is how it works in our daily lives ….

Your child’s behaviour activates [ triggers ] you and you start to feel angry and frustrated so you react. It could be that they are screaming NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to you and you just can’t take it anymore.

That reaction, that activation, that trigger happens because your nervous system feels a danger, a wound or an unhealed trauma and with a hyper aware and overwhelmed nervous system.

That unhealed trauma/wound stems from our childhood — perhaps a childhood emotional wound that your body is holding on to make sure it doesn’t happen again but it happens on the daily with your own child.

This emotional wound might stem from your own parents [caregivers] screaming at you or at each other which you stored as danger.

This comes up as your child screams NO NO NO NO NO even though your child is developmentally reacting to his/her/their situation appropriately, you are unable to be present in your freeze or fight.

This childhood wound is because your own parents were feeling triggered and activated due to their own childhood and this is the cycle of generational pain and trauma being past down until we [ you and I ] can see it, until we can feel it in our body and understand what to do next.

We MUST heal and we reparent our soul on the deepest level so that the next time our child screams NO NO NO NO — we can understand the WHY and our response and choose differently which in turns STOPS the cycle and heals generations to come. BIG STUFF. I’m not messing around — LOL.

This is the essence of conscious parenting — healing generational trauma so that you can come back to you and live / parent from this place of truth and pure love.

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with love

jenn x



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