Grief is Love

Jennifer Hepton
2 min readOct 2, 2020


Let’s change the story around grief please.

A photo of me holding my daughter Loey who died in childbirth

As I am still intertwined with Chrissy + John Legend’s loss, I find myself reading twitter comments and swelling up with rage.

Rage for how our society is reacting to her sharing the death of her baby son openly.

I am a strong advocate in saying and believing that we are allowed to feel it all and all our feelings are valid so I will continue to say that I feel upset and mad that people think it’s okay to be negative around someone’s else grief.

And, this is what I am taking from it …

Our society has a lot of pain and trauma

Our society is unable to sit in the uncomfortable moments

Our society is unable to just witness someone’s pain

Our society is ill equipped to deal with grief

Our society sees someone’s pain as a mirror to their own and they don’t like it

Our society feels comfortable to share rudeness and not feel any responsibility

Our society us unable to see that grief is really love

Grief is really love

Grief is really love

Our society has the ability to learn from this

Our society has the capacity to change

Our society has room to educate

The motherhood journey is complex and women are a force of strength

So in love I will witness what our society is

In love I will hope for better

In love I share my feelings

And in the name of the babies I have lost

I will continue this discussion until

Our society normalizes grief because


jenn xo

[October is Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Month ]

photo is of my daughter Loey who died at 39 weeks + 5 days



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